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Our Dumpster & Residential Cleaning System

Our 2-1 Dumpster and Residential cleaning system is the most advanced machinery in the industry. The truck can clean up to 30 dumpsters or200 residential trash cans on one clean water tank. We carry 525 gallons of fresh water. Our truck is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


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We're not like everyone else!

Most solid waste companies do not offer this curbside service and do not take responsibility of washing and maintaining your trash bins. Residents are held responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own. It has become a serious problem for water misuse and chemical misuse by residents in order to DIY clean. WE have found that the few residents who do clean their own bins do not care or pay attention to the amount of water they use or the type of cleaning chemicals they use in order to cover up the foul odors coming from the bins.

With our self-contained system there are no harsh chemicals entering the storm drains. We have commercial grade, self contained trash bin eco wash cleaning trucks. We are proud to bring this technology to your communities. Happy Cans also has the most efficient dumpster cleaning system in the area. Our dumpster eco wash system is fully automated, assuring your dumpsters are cleaned properly.While others take potentially hours having to physically jump inside these dumpster and manually scrub and spray them out, our truck handles the dirty work for us within minutes. Let us do the dirty work!

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